Jiffy Deck

Jiffy Deck™ is a 40 mil (1 mm) thick reinforced peel-and-stick sheet waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under ceramic tile, porcelain and natural stone as a stress relieving material in conjunction with thin-set methods on exterior decks.


  • 30 Day exposure rating
  • Fully adhered system
  • Easy to use peel and stick application
  • Fabric top coating makes an excellent bonding surface for latex modified thin-set mortars or thin-set tile adhesives
  • Fabric top coating allows for immediate installation of tile or stone, no curing time needed
  • 2″ (51 mm) overlap guide, which provides an adhesive-to-adhesive cohesive bond on the side laps.

Used as a top sheet in a complete waterproof exterior deck system utilizing Protecto Wrap’s PW 100/40, JS500 Detail Tape and appropriate primers.

Always apply Jiffy Deck with the Zip Strip overlap guide as the leading edge for the proper seam. Roll out the Jiffy Deck membrane (do not remove the release paper at this point), and cut to the appropriate length. Begin by removing a small portion of the release paper and apply the exposed adhesive bottom to the deck surface. Once the membrane is properly aligned, use a hand roller or firm pressure to smooth out the membrane as the adhesive comes into contact with the surface

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