Sales Representatives




Commercial Building Envelope

Protecto Seal 45
Protecto Wall PW-100r
PW 100/40


Flat Tile Flash
Jiffy Deck System
Jiffy Seal Butyl I&WG HT
Jiffy Seal I&WG Original
Jiffy Seal I&WG HT
Protecto Seal 45
Rainproof 40
Rainproof 60
Rainproof Sheathing Tape
Tile Flash 30
Tile Flash 60

Structural Waterproofing

JS 500
Jiffy Seal 140/60
LM700 Liquid Membrane
Protecto Drain 2000 H
Protecto Drain 2000 V
PW 100/60

Weatherization & Energy Conservation

Dual Guard Threshold Tape
Dri-Shield Tape
Protecto Bond
Proetcto CMU 100
Protecto Deck Flashing
Protecto Energy Plate Liner
Protecto Flash BT25-XL
Protecto Flex Flashing
Protecto LWM 200
Protecto Patch
Protecto Premium Energy Sill Sealer
Protecto Sealant 25XL
Protecto Sill Detail Tape
Protecto Sill Drainage System
Protecto Sill Wicking Membrane
Quick-Fix Roof & Gutter Repair Tape
Stucco / EIFS Tape
Super Stick Building Tape
Threshold Foam
Triple Guard Energy Sill Sealer

Protecto Wrap Company

Erik Prinzing
(224) 401-2406



Western OH as divided by I-71 and SR 23

Showcase Marketing Associates

Roger Hall
(937) 732-4460



Eastern OH as divided by I-71 and SR 23

Showcase Marketing Associates

Jeff Schork
(440) 344-8559

Flooring Systems

Anti-Fracture Membrane
Anti-Fracture Waterproof Membrane
Defenseal Liquid Membrane
WhisperMat CS
WhisperMat HW

Browne & Company
David Browne