BT25XL Butyl Hybrid Window & Door Sealing Tape
Forms a permanent waterproofing air/vapor seal around doors and windows that prevents air and moisture leaks.

Protecto Deck ACQ
Eliminate unnecessary repairs on your new deck and water damage that causes premature wood rot and decay. The use of Protecto Deck Flashing/Anti-Corrosion Tape will add years to the life of your deck.

PS45 & Roof and Gutter Tape
All purpose, exposable waterproofing membrane withstands weather elements and is UV resistant, making itexcellent for use around skylights, gutters, HVAC units, low pitched roofs and porch roofs.

PW 100/40 Air/Vapor Barrier
A peel and stick membrane for use as a positive air/vapor stop in everyday

Stucco Tape
Protecto Wrap Stucco Tape is a superior self-adhering, air and moisture barrier for vertical and horizontal EIFS/Stucco systems.

Super Stick Building Tape
A high tack, tenacious, durable, peel and stick air/vapor barrier tape system
used for sealing PVC and aluminum fin windows and doors; window and door openings; and as a full coverage air vapor barrier membrane.