Audio Wrap™

Audio Wrap™

AudioWrap is a thin butyl adhesive extruded on a flexible aluminum conveniently rolled up to be easily rolled out and cut for easy installation on car doors, floors, trunks and even license plates to eliminate vibration which causes noise. Audio Wraps butyl adhesive is scientifically formulated to absorb energy from thin sheet metal on doors and floorboards which cause unwanted road noise. When AudioWrap is installed the vehicle will feel instantly more solid, sturdier, and sound better. Audio Wrap is available for the average do-it-yourselfer and professional audio installer. AudioWrap is for any make or model of personal and commercial vehicles. Enjoy a quiet comfortable ride while listening to “Better Sound and Better Bass” brought to you by AudioWrap.


  • Audio Vibration Control
  • Butyl Adhesive, Aluminum faced, Vibration control tape
  • Made in the USA
  • Quieter Ride
  • Maximum performance from your stereo
  • Sound deadening tape
  • Premium sound

APPLICATION Audio Wrap will form a positive and immediate adhesive bond to sheet metal, glass, and wood speaker boxes. SOUND DEADENING PROPERTIES The Acoustic loss factor measures sound dampening. The closer to 1, the less vibration. Realistically, any rating over .25 is very significant. Sheet metal alone can measure .001 at 200 Hz. Independent testing concluded that Audio Wrap measured an average of .2465 on 4 testing points, while the best competitor measured on average 30% lower at .1717 on the same test points.

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